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Shaanxi Foreign Economic and Trade Industrial Group Co., Ltd. (or SFETIC for short), founded in 2008, is a large wholly-owned state-owned enterprise. The scope of business covers overseas investment, consulting, finance, international economic cooperation, import and export trade, domestic and overseas construction, domestic and overseas labor service dispatch, real property and hotel management, land consolidation and development and internet services and so on. SFETIC is a comprehensive export-oriented state-owned enterprise in Shaanxi province with all-round industrial links and with more than 40 subsidiaries, including Shaanxi Overseas Investment Company Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Chang’an Group Co.Ltd., Shaanxi Foreign Economic and Trade Industrial Group Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Zhiyuan Hotel Co., Ltd.,Shaanxi Taixuan Construction Group Co. Ltd., Shaanxi E-stone Human Resources Development Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Foreign Trade and Economic Comprehensive Service Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Foreign Economic & Trade Land Management Development Engineering Co.,Ltd. and Shaanxi Huahui Real Property Management Co. etc.

SFETIC is certified with qualification of overseas project contracting, class A qualification of general contracting for building construction and class B qualification of general contracting for municipal engineering construction, class B qualification of general contracting of mechanical & electrical installation construction and class B qualification of contracting of steel structure engineering. Besides,SFETIC has obtained certificates of Quality Management System (ISO9001), Environmental Management System(ISO1004) and Occupational Health and Safety Management System(OHSAS18001).

SFETIC has established a standardized structure for corporate governance. So far, SFETIC has owned ten functional departments and ten wholly owned and holding subsidiaries, thirty four branches and has set up foreign branches (or representative offices) in Japan, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Cameroon, Zanzibar etc. SFETIC, an outstanding council member of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT for short) Shaanxi sub-council, International Chamber of Commerce (ICC for short) Shaanxi sub-council, China-Japan International Training Cooperation Organization, and also the excellent enterprise for overseas economic & trade cooperation and Investment & Trade Forum for Cooperation between East & West China (ITFCEW for short), the sole unit responsible for the provincial-level overseas labors service training and examination, which successively ranks on the list of Top100 Enterprise in Shaanxi and Top 100 Credit Enterprise in Shaanxi.

With the purpose of being a first-rate foreign economic and trade comprehensive company in China with great influence upon “The Belt and Road” strategy, SFETIC have been making much efforts to develop its two main business, i.e. engineering contracting and trade business so as to build up three platforms covering foreign economic and trade comprehensive service platform, supply chain financial service platform, and E-port service platform, and actively promote following services, including business-oriented international engineering contracting, labor service dispatching-oriented human resource management service, cross-border logistics-oriented supply chain financial service and investment, construction and operation-oriented international production capacity cooperation parks management service. Focusing on catching-up, surpassing, improving quality and increasing efficiency and working hard to  create more space and seize a larger market in the field of export-oriented business, and going all-out to build industrial carriers and consolidate the foundation of industrial development. All staffs and workers shall actively carry forward the spirit of SFETIC, and forge ahead to the goal of making SEFTIC a “foreign economic and trade enterprise with annual income reaching ten billion”.

Address:No.111 Qingnian Road, Xi’an Shaanxi

Telephone:029-87688105 E-mail:[email protected]

Shaanxi Foreign Econnomic & Trade Industrial Group Co.,Ltd.

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